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Capitol Reef - The Story Behind The Scenery  
The Story Behind the Scenery
by Virgil J. and Helen Olson

Capitol Reef National Park begins at the north rim of the Grand Canyon. Comprised of multiple layers of exposed sandstone, the park area boasts myriad colorful beds laid down over some 265 million years as ancient seas ebbed and flowed, evaporated and returned.

The resemblance of rounded grayish-white domes to those of capitol buildings inspired the "Capitol" in Capitol Reef. "Reef" was simply a nautical term carried over into geology to describe a barrier. Capitol Reef National Park presents us with a broad range of geologic happenings spanning eons right up to present day in Southern Utah.

Capitol Reef, the Story Behind the Scenery, details natures many moods here, as well as the footprints of man, from the early Fremont Indians and, later, the Mormon settlers, to modern inhabitants. Add this beautifully illustrated book to your shopping cart now.

9x12, 48 pages, 64 color photos, & 4 maps/diagrams

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