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In Pictures Hawaii Volcanoes - The Continuing Story  
The Story Behind the Scenery
by Richard A. Rasp

Behold a land of great contrast--A volcanic mountain that arose from the sea in fountains of intense heat and lava flows and continues to grow. It holds in its grasp marvelous creatures seen nowhere else on earth. This is the land of Pele and all her descendants--Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park.

All the Hawaiian Islands are built up from volcanic activity. It is a process going on today--literally. Within Hawai'i National Park there are two active volcanoes. New land is being formed daily as lava flows into the ocean, solidifies and becomes part of the Island. In the same manner, all Hawaiian Islands were created this way over millions of years.

In our book, In Pictures…Hawai'i Volcanoes, you will be amazed by the beautiful large, high definition photography of flowing lava and volcanic forms. You will learn how, centuries ago, people, birds, insects and animals arrived to propagate the islands. You will have interpreted for you how the National Park is a living, breathing example of geology on the move. You will come to understand the rich Hawaiian culture, steeped in tradition and legend. Discover the magic that Hawai'i and its volcanoes present. Add this wonderful book to your shopping cart now.

9x12, 48 pages, 84 color photos & 1 map

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