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Dinosaur - The Story Behind the Scenery

by Allen Hagood and Linda West


The land that is Dinosaur National Monument is far more than just the remains of ancient creatures.  Here lies a story of a prehistoric river system that deposited its burden into collector areas where a unique series of events had to happen for us to witness the intense deposition of dinosaur bones we can now visit at the quarry wall.


The first impression upon entering the quarry is a simple one--confusion!  On a rock face before us is a jumble of fossil bones that looks like the leavings of an enormous turkey dinner. Nowhere in this  puzzle of bone and rock do we see an entire and completely assembled dinosaur skeleton.


Dinosaur, the Story Behind the Scenery, takes the reader back in time to answer the questions this intriguing array raises.  How did they get there?  What did the animals look like?  What kind of world existed then?  How was this ancient bone-yard finally discovered?  Get the answers to these and many more questions:  Add this informative and entertaining book to  your shopping cart now.


9x12, Paperback, 48 pages, 56 color photos & maps/ diagrams





America's National Parks, Blu-Ray Combo Pack


COMBO PACK:  Blu-ray + DVD 


The National Parks of the United States are chapters in the book of America’s Legacy. They’re a showcase of some of the world’s greatest natural wonders and contain stories of our history and what it means to be an American – of why we should pass these stories on to future generations. Filmed in high-definition, this video takes you on a memorable journey across America.  From Jamestown to Gettysburg, from Yosemite to the Great Smoky Mountains, this Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack explores over 50 amazing locations.


PLAYS WORLDWIDE:  144 minutes, Stereo, English narration.  SDH, Closed-Captioned CC


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Dinosaur Book/America's National Parks Blu-ray Combo

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