Bryce Canyon - The Story Behind the Scenery
by John Bezy

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah is a geologic wonderland.  Weathering and erosion have produced here what is probably the Earth's most famous example of pinnacled badlands.  Within the canyon's spectacular formations are deep caverns and rooms resembling ruins of prisons, castles, churches with their guarded walls, battlements, spires, steeples, niches and recesses presenting the wildest and most wonderful scene that the eye of man ever has beheld -- truly one of the wonders of the world.

Bryce Canyon, The Story Behind the Scenery, brings you a complete, detailed look at the amazing geology, the surprising variety of flora and fauna as well as the historical relationship between man and this exhilarating example  of Earth's creation.  Man's first experience with Bryce occurred some 12 to 15 thousand years ago when hunters of mammoths, camels, horses and sloths first traveled the challenging trails between the canyons soaring walls.

Within the pages of this beautifully illustrated book you will experience views and descriptions of formations in their many moods and seasons.  The Story Behind the Scenery is second only to actually walking among the vast plateaus of this panorama of nature unconfined and unmarred.

9 x12, Paperback, 64 pages, 80 color photos, & 4 maps/diagrams

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Bryce Canyon - The Story Behind the Scenery

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