Mount Rushmore Book/Blu-ray Combo - Mount Rushmore - The Story Behind the Scenery Book and Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse & The Black Hills, Blu-ray




Mount Rushmore -  The Story Behind the Scenery

by Lincoln Borglum


KC Publications' "Mount Rushmore, The Story Behind the Scenery" documents in high definition photography the sculpting of this famous American monument and in the words of  Lincoln Borglum, son of sculptor Gutzon Borglum.  Lincoln, who also directed day to day operations on the carving of what has been called a "shrine" of democracy, has authored what is a tribute to his artist father as well as his creation.


In his words, "One does not escape the spiritual quality of the experience here at Mount Rushmore.  It wakens response in the hearts of the most complacent of citizens, lights the faces of the most cynical of observers, hushes the complaints of tired travelers, young and old, and quickens the step of the world-weary."


"Why should this be so?  What is it about these faces carved in cold granite that can evoke such feelings of love of country and the sheer joy of being an American, that one no longer cares how in vogue these feelings may or may not be?  Pride?  Yes, pride that here is a true wonder of the world that didn't just happen to be in this land by a whim of nature.  Pride that this was an accomplishment born, planned and created in mind and by the hands of Americans for Americans."


The astounding monument on Mount Rushmore says it all:  There on the mountain the sculptor has spoken eloquently with his art, an eloquence that says simply,  "This is what it means to be an American."


9x12, Paperback, 48 pages, 51 color photos & map





Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse and the Black Hills, Blu-Ray Combo Pack


COMBO PACK:  Blu-ray + DVD 


Experience the Black Hills in high-definition, with this all-new production - guaranteed to be the best, most complete Black Hills Blu-ray & DVD available.  Explore state and national parks, witness Old West heritage events like the Buffalo Roundup, plus fascinating historical footage.


WHERE THE BUFFALO ROAM -Here, in a land still sacred to the Lakota tribes, legendary warriors like chief Crazy Horse and Major General George Armstrong Custer lived, fought and died.  Great bonus features!



PLAYS WORLDWIDE:  73 minutes, Stereo, English narration.  SDH, Closed-Captioned CC

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Mount Rushmore Book/Blu-ray Combo

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