Canyon de Chelly -The Story Behind the Scenery Canyon de Chelly - The Story Behind the Scenery
by Charles Supplee, and Douglas & Barbara Anderson

Now home to the Navajo, Canyon de Chelly once harbored the mystery-shrouded culture of the Anasazi--ancient people of the canyon's many ruins.  The area encompasses a rich cultural resource amid the beauty of the natural landscapes  The history of the human spirit and its relationship with the environment here is both rich and complex.

All the people who lived here and called the canyon "home" had a close relationship with the land and wove their strands within the canyon web of life.  The pattern continues today with Navajo people populating the land of Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Arizona.  The opportunities to preserve and provide for the use of the resource are challenging for both the National Park Service and the Navajo.

Canyon de Chelly, the Story Behind the Scenery, is a comprehensive revelation of all the components that make up the remarkable region.  From the geological origins of the canyon, to the natural and cultural history, including an in depth view of the ancient archeological wonders to analysis of modern concerns, this remarkable book provides a sensitive and accurate interpretation of all that makes up Canyon de Chelly.  For an experience second only to being there, add it to your shopping cart now.

9x 12, Paperback, 48 pages, 63 color photos & 2 maps

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Canyon de Chelly - The Story Behind the Scenery

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