Grand Canyon Book/DVD Combo - Grand Canyon The Story Behind the Scenery and The Complete Grand Canyon National Park, 2-DVD Set


Grand Canyon The Story Behind the Scenery
by L. Greer Price

Nowhere else on earth has nature produced so striking an example of the power of running water--and in doing so, exposed so much of the early history of the North American continent.  And no book captures the magic of the mile-deep gorge and the ancient land around it like Grand Canyon, The Story Behind the Scenery.  Its vivid photography illustrates vast landscapes disappearing on the horizon in either direction.  These are among the last sanctuaries in North America of the wild and inaccessible.

"So grand a statement, even for nature to make," wrote one visitor, but there is more to it than landscape.  The stories of Grand Canyon include the intimate and the human; they weave a complex pattern whose character becomes apparent in the larger view.  

While it is the scenic and geologic significance that impress most visitors initially, the human history of the area is remarkable.  Revealing that history and the natural history of the Grand Canyon, The Story Behind the Scenery is extraordinary in its diverse interpretive text and high definition photography.  

Author and Professional Geologist L. Greer Price spent most of his National Park Service career at Grand Canyon National Park.  With his back ground in Historical Geology and Paleontology, he brings a unique vision and understanding to the interpretive excellence of The Story Behind the Scenery.

9" x 12", Paperback, 80 color photos & 3 maps


The Complete Grand Canyon National Park, 2-DVD Set, Filmed in HD

2 DVD SET – Over 2 Hours!  Filmed high-definition, this is the best, most complete Grand Canyon National Park DVD available. Experience spectacular Canyon moods, a breathtaking river raft trip, a mule ride down sheer rock walls, an exhilarating excursion in, over, and around a canyon so incredibly big that words can’t describe it! Includes a Digital Copy and great DVD Extras, including iPad/Tablet feature.

BONUS DVD - This edition includes a bonus DVD – Indian & His Homeland: 1590-1876  – a 300-year survey of the American Indian. Includes great bonus features on Native American cultural traditions in our national parks and surrounding tribal lands.  

PLAYS WORLDWIDE:  160 minutes, Stereo, English narration with French, German, Simplified Chinese subtitles.  Closed-Captioned CC

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Grand Canyon Book/DVD Combo

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