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Carlsbad Caverns - The Story Behind the Scenery

by Ed Green


For thousands of years the yawning natural entrance to Carlsbad Cavern has drawn Native Americans, guano miners, explorers and park visitors to leave the bright, arid surface world and enter the cool, dark, unfamiliar world below.  While the desert has its own mysteries to explore, for tens of millions of visitors it is the underground world that is awe-inspiring.  Nothing in our everyday existence prepares us to comprehend the vast amounts of time and water, the complex chemistry and the sequence of geologic events necessary to create the overpowering size and beauty of the caves found in Carlsbad Caverns National Park.


Carlsbad Caverns, The Story Behind the Scenery, is filled with high definition photographs taken both below and above ground in the park, together with descriptive text authored by Ed Green, who retired as Chief of Interpretation at Carlsbad Caverns National Park after a long career serving in numerous parks including Mammoth Cave National Park.


The story of Carlsbad Caverns National Park is actually the story of two parks; the one park visitors see on the surface and the one we see underground.  Both are exquisitely shown and interpreted in The Story Behind the Scenery.   Sharp, creatively photographed scenes reveal the pitch-black underground is as different from the bright sun and blue sky of the surface world as the plants and animals of the Chihuahuan Desert are different from the rocks and minerals of the Cavern.


9x12, Paperback, 48 pages, 74 color photos & maps





Carlsbad Caverns, DVD



This fully-narrated DVD takes you on an expedition into one of the most inspiring caverns in the world. Enjoy Carlsbad’s magical beauty with outstanding cinematography of all the major features. Park rangers explain fascinating facts about the cavern, including the evening bat flight.



From detailed close-ups. to spectacular overviews, see King’s Palace, Queen’s Chamber, Papoose Room, Green Lake Room, the Big Room and more. Learn of Carlsbad’s early explorers, like Jim White, with fascinating old-time footage and historical photographs. As an added bonus, take a whirlwind tour of nearby Guadalupe Mountains National Park, plus more special features. 



PLAYS WORLDWIDE:  61 minutes, Stereo, English narration with subtitles in German, Spanish, Japanese.  Closed-Captioned CC

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Carlsbad Caverns Book/DVD Combo

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