IP Yellowstone Book/DVD Combo - Yellowstone-  In Pictures-Nature's Continuing Story and Complete Yellowstone DVD




Yellowstone - In Pictures- The Continuing Story

by Sandra de Yonge and George B. Robinson


Through these 78 photos and extended captions you can visit a range of nature beyond imagination. Geysers, forests, thundering falls, lakes, fishing, winter life, bison, grizzly bear, and bighorn sheep are all here for you to see and enjoy.


Yellowstone National Park has been featured in the Ken Burns film "National Parks:  America's Best Idea" as on of the top 10 National Parks you don't want to miss.


9" x 12", Paperback, 48 pages, 78 color photos & maps




The Complete Yellowstone DVD


COMPLETE LOOP TOUR - Filmed in high-definition, this film is guaranteed to be the best, most complete Yellowstone DVD available with geysers, wildlife, seasons and park history. Includes great DVD Extras!


ALL THE MAJOR FEATURES - Through the lens of nature photographer Russ Finley, learn about Yellowstone's scenic and geothermal features – spectacular geyser eruptions, bubbling hot pools, thundering waterfalls and more.  Enjoy wildlife and their young through the seasons.  Witness the dramatic Fires of 1988 and learn of fire’s effects on the forest ecosystem.



PLAYS WORLDWIDE:  115 minutes, Stereo, English narration with French, German, Japanese subtitles.  Closed-Captioned CC

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Yellowstone IP Book/DVD Combo

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