Oregon Trail - Voyage of Discovery - The Story Behind the Scenery - GERMAN Translation Insert
by Dan Murphy

The textbooks are right.  The Oregon Trail was that explosion of emigration which leapfrogged from the United States to the West Coast in the 1800s, and in the end stretched the United States across the continent.

But the textbooks miss the one thing that was most important to the tired, sometimes grumpy, worried emigrant urging his oxen along the Platte River.  It was the "going."  It was the experience of giving all to gain all.  It  was the first time you picked up a buffalo chip, or forded a river with frightening water up to your hips, or buried a neighbor, or crested a new hill and saw the far view.  It was going to Oregon!

Oregon Trail, the Story Behind the Scenery, carries the reader along the full length of this historic pathway the emigrants followed, exposing with vibrant photography and factual detail the actual route and remnants of the arduous journey.  Join the adventure thru the states that are now known as Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Idaho and Oregon

9x12, Paperback, 64 pages, 61 color photos & 27 maps.

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Oregon Trail - VOD - The Story Behind the Scenery - GERMAN Translation Insert

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