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Zion - The Story Behind The Scenery  
The Story Behind the Scenery
by Frank R Hayde and David L. Rachlis

The colossal monoliths of Zion rise into the deep blue clarity of a Utah sky. Like a soaring overture to ta grand symphony, sunrise on the Temples and towers of the Virgin introduces a theme of might, color, and glory.

The towering cliffs and deep canyons of Zion National Park give dramatic testament to the twin forces of uplift and erosion. Located along the southwestern edge of the Colorado Plateau, Zion presents some of the most colorfully spectacular scenery anywhere on earth.

Zion Story Behind the Scenery guides you through this amazing landscape with large, high definition photographs and extensive interpretive captions, written by authors intimately familiar with and experienced in deeply personal exploration of a massive land in constant motion and change.

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9x12, 48 pages, 74 color photos & 2 maps

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